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I grew up in Manhattan, spent the better part of a decade living in San Francisco and now call central Japan my home. One of the great things about living in Asia is that the TV sits unwatched leaving plenty of time for other activities.

I am an avid reader, reading non fiction almost exclusively. My most recent interest has been in economic books. Some of the titles read over the past month or three include, Jim Rickards “Currency Wars”, Ahamed’s “Lords of Finance”, Reinhart’s “This time its different” and “Water” by de Villiers.

I will gladly admit to being a metal bug. This position is summarized as follows; if I am wrong then I have the problem of liquidating my holdings, but if I am right it was the call of a lifetime.

I am by training a historian and geographer with an interest in global politics, trends and forecasting.

Last December I had the honor and joy of meeting Dr Marc Faber in Chiang Mai Thailand, where we honestly didn’t discuss economics. It was a great experience and inspired me to start this blog.


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