Shut up

15 Jun

Japan’s Human rights Ambassador Hideaki Ueda tells the UN Torture Committee to “shut up”.

Its a gift that just keeps on giving. It is no longer surprising and has become an amusing game of expectation as to when the next clown will step out of the car in front of an international audience. Yes clearly there are language issues but for a diplomat to use language such as “shut up” in committee is not only unnecessary but gives us an insight into the vetting process that is Japanese politics.

Time after time a parade of highly paid performers aka clowns step up to a live microphone and perform a circus act in front of the world. Domestic, International it doesn’t matter really. The next brouhaha is only a matter of time and I am left wondering at the cost in terms of political capital.

Precious meeting time when it isn’t being thrown under the bus by questionable cabinet decisions is wasted in posturing, apologizing or demands for apology. The forecast calls for more tragically humorous political comedy in our near future. Lets hope it isn’t too damaging shall we ?


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