A sad state of affairs

4 Jun

As is often the case on Sundays my wife and I settle down for a scrumptious homemade dinner. Over the years she has become quite an accomplished cook with my expanding waistline as testament to her excellent meals. Usually before eating we watch the NHL national news at her mothers house so I can get a general idea about what is going on in Japan. This is actually pretty much the only TV we watch during the week so it has become a bit of a ritual for us.

What I saw last Sunday was very disturbing and indicative of further thought so I decided to post something about it. The national news showed a story about how a drunken US serviceman had attacked a car in Okinawa. They spent precious moments documenting how the windows had been hit and the sheet metal damaged. Seriously ? This is national news ? Of all the things NHK could talk about they chose to tell a story about a damaged car ?

Later on in the program they featured a story about how numerous elementary school children have been killed by irresponsible drivers in Japan. 10 kids dead in one incident last year yet the dangerous foreigner attacking a car got priority exposure ? Hard to stomach this kind of pithy reporting. Further vexing the issue is that the NHK actually charges a national users fee for commercial free coverage. Makes me glad I don’t own a TV in my apartment because I would feel cheated by the tripe they call reporting.


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