Send in the clowns

20 May

Politicians are the gift that just keep on giving. Its not exclusive to just one culture, language or party either. It is somewhat surprising how quickly a politician can do so much damage to his reputation. If someone chose the single worst way to damage a position or point of contention and then tried to plan an action designed to torpedo it he or she couldn’t have done a better job than Mr Hashimoto did this past week.

He managed during a press conference last week to insult women, his ally and regional powers at the same time. First by openly stating his ignorance about the issue of comfort women, then furthering the damage to include US forces stationed in Japan and finally by stirring up bitter feelings between Japan and her neighbors. You really couldn’t write up a better SNAFU if you tried and it really is amazing how foolish and clown-like the upcoming political season is going to be this summer.

Not to beat a dead horse but the sheer ignorance followed by the botched spin job afterwards really did bring a smile to my face. Its really humorous how blatantly stupid those comments were. Now other parties are distancing themselves from the party led by Ishihara and Hashimoto. I guess they will leave them the moral “high ground” ?

I doubt it can get much funnier or tragic but lets stick around and see what else they can pull out of their collective hats.


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