part 2 continued

5 Dec

So to summarize from the last post;

Japan has Galapagos syndrome. As an archipelago nation hanging off the edge of Eastern Asia they have a unique approach to life with strong cultural values that function as a filter through which the world is viewed. Foreign things are valued but often altered to fit the Japanese sensibility. A male dominated culture built on consensus seeking and long hours of work they have bootstrapped themselves into a world leading economy because the goal was attainable. Collectively they climbed an economic Mount Fuji and achieved financial power.

However a weak point in the mindset is that overall the Japanese cannot think outside the box nor do they adapt quickly to changes in conditions, market or otherwise. They are overwhelmingly conservative and their solution to a challenge is often “more of the same”. Yes obviously I am painting with a broad brush but in my experience with the corporate culture the Japanese are very strong at manipulating the details but not very effective at planning out a strategic course in dangerous waters with frequent course changes.

Truly a mixed blessing.

Now factor in that the Japanese government seems unable to fully comprehend how her neighbors perceive her actions. If they did, some of the stupid things they say and do would certainly be tempered. Remember that Japan is elderly, the average age is quite old and when one takes the time to actually look at the numbers they are more than disturbing. 70% of Japan’s food is imported, the average family size has 1.3 children. Every politician can see the numbers yet they do nothing other than have more meetings and make empty statements about how something will be done.

Its like an ostrich with its head in the sand. Lion ! What lion ?

Next up I want to discuss how this problem fits into how China’s solves it domestic issues like a glove


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